Swim Team Fees

COVID-19 Update

Swim Team Fees for the CTAP Marlins are all-inclusive of SAAA fees, invitationals and championship entry fees and include one t-shirt and one swim cap per child swimmer. Annual Members receive a significant discount to Swim Team fees. In all cases family fees are capped at $870 for membership and swim team; no one should pay more than this. 

Summer 2020 brings with it extreme and unusual conditions for operating the pool. Please visit our COVID-19 page for changes and policies we’re instituting to work with these conditions. Thank you!

**DUE TO A COVID-19 & A REDUCED SEASON: with limited events, we are reducing our prices for this 2020 season**

CTAP 2019 Marlins Swim Team Fee Schedule:

Swim-Team-Only (No Annual Membership)

First Child: $350 Summer 2020 $270;
Each additional sibling: $320 Summer 2020 $260

Swim Team for Annual Members

First Child: $135 Summer 2020 $110;
each additional sibling: $125 Summer 2020: $100

An Annual Membership is $500 and runs May to May; further info on Membership and additional member levels can be found here. More info on general membership can be found here. In keeping with CTAP’s primary mission of serving youth athletics and supporting our family community, scholarships, full and partial, are available. More scholarship information can be found here.