Parties At CT


Parties are a family membership benefit. Family Members only may schedule a party. Included in an annual membership is one free party for up to 25 guests in-season during regularly guarded hours. More than 25 guests will require one additional lifeguard, charged at the rates listed below. Parties scheduled out of season or outside regular guarded hours will require additional life guard(s), charged at the rates listed below. The summer swim season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Here’s how to schedule a party:

• Select a date and time of day. We need to know start and stop times. Consider your set-up time and clean-up time in your schedule.
note: parties cannot be scheduled during swim team practice or swim meets. Refer to those links, or to the links for those schedules under the “Swim Team” menu above. Parties cannot last past 9pm.
• Check with our party scheduler (email below) for availability.
• Know how many people will be attending and if you want to reserve a ramada (north ramada by the wading pool, or south ramada by the office) and/or an adjoining BBQ.
• If the party is outside of our regular guarded hours or seasonal coverage we will schedule a lifeguard and you are responsible for that fee, at the rates listed below. CTAP will either email or deliver an invoice, payable at or before the party. Checks are made out to “CTAP”
• If you will have more than 25 guests an additional lifeguard will be required as well (same rates).
• Be prepared to thoroughly clean up after your party. We do not hire a cleaning service, and the guard is for protection, not clean-up.
• It may happen the pool is closed for some emergency, weather or contamination. In such cases CT Athletic Program is not liable for cancellation, but will endeavor to schedule a make-up date at the earliest possible convenience.
• Email Bob Bingham to schedule your party. Click the name to email.

Lifeguard Rates for Private Parties

Before Memorial Day              $20/hour
Memorial Day to Labor Day    $18/hour
After Labor Day                      $20/hour