CT Swim Lessons

Swim like a Marlin!

COVID-19 Update

2020 Swim Lessons are on-hold

Summer 2020 has arrived with a multitude of complexities. We are evaluating our swim lesson program in order to assure safety to student and instructor alike. In order to keep separation distances, instructors will likely work from the deck, while swimmers work in the pool.

As such, swimmers under instruction will need to be accomplished and safe in the water—capable of independent swimming. We will not be able to work with swimmers who require direct support this summer. This will by necessity cancel all very young children from swim lessons, and older kids who are not independent yet, for this summer 2020. We truly regret this, and look forward to next summer and a time when we can bring everyone back to the water safely.

There is an independent vendor teaching infant swim rescue at our pool afternoons. Should you desire this service, we can put you in touch with her. She manages her own instruction, with her own rules, and is independent of CTAP.

Updates to the CTAP program will be posted here as they develop. Check back here, or feel free to contact Bob Bingham by email.

For reference to how we typically structure our swim lessons, 2019 Swim Lessons were in two sessions, four-weeks each session

  • Session I – June 3 to June 29
  • Session II – July 1 to July 26

Lessons are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3 to 5 pm

All lessons are 30 minutes long and according to age and swim level of the child.  Lessons begin at 3:00 and start with youngest/least experienced swimmers first. Registration for both sessions will be at the first lesson on June 3rd, at the pool. We offer a discount for both sessions paid in advance.

Lessons are also subject to cancellation because of weather. We advise contacting us before heading to the pool for lessons if the sky looks threatening. Use our contact info below, or Bob Bingham at 891-4539.


  • Annual members $45/session per child ($80 for both sessions)
  • Summer members $55/session per child ($100 for both sessions)
  • Non-members $65/session per child ($120 for both sessions)

For more information email Bob Bingham, or leave a voice mail at 891-4539 (email is best though)