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Catalina Terrace Marlins Swim Team
2021 Seasonal Sponsors!

How does an all-volunteer, nonprofit youth athletics program run a swim team and a major, 60-year-old aquatics & tennis facility? Not just through the love, devotion & volunteer labor of all the hardworking families and community members, but also from our Swim Season Sponsors!

Like many nonprofits this summer, the pandemic has left us with our own budget constraints. We realize resources are tight all the way around. If you feel you can support us in this continuing challenge, and under these challenging conditions, we are truly indebted to you for your partnership. If you are unable to offer any financial support, but still support us in spirit, we likewise are so very grateful! Thank you one-and-all for the kind attention and loyal support through this difficult time in the world.

In the summer of 2021, these sponsors with their donations and support have given the youth of the CT Marlins Swim Team hope for a real summer swim season, and the opportunity to get outdoors with friends, coaches, family and exercise, after a year in school lockdown! Fitness and fun in the safety of a large pool area and clean, supportive environment. We are deeply grateful to these sponsors for keeping us functioning and offering our local youth an outlet and opportunity in an otherwise enclosed bubble world!

It’s great having all this support for our team and our kids. Please return the favor to our wonderful sponsors if you are in need of services or products they provide.

We are always accepting sponsorships if you, or a business you know of, might be interested. Contact the team for further info. Thank you!

BIG FISH – $1000 & Up

Kappcon General Contractors $1,000
One of Tucson’s oldest commercial and residential construction firms with projects throughout the southwest and the world, and those you’ll likely discover in your local park!
(Thanks to Guinn & Nate Kappler, CT Parents)

Vehicle Simulator $500
Web-based car building and racing simulation game
Enjoy your time in this giant city packed with unique vehicles, stunt objects, and many secrets! Customize your vehicles, race your friends, or just cruise around, this world is your world!
(Thanks to Mikhail Olson, former CT swimmer!)
Vehicle Simulator, by Summit Studio Games

MARLIN – $500 & up

Arizona Tile $500
(Thanks to Karen Davenport, CT Parent)
Local and national tile supplier, commercial and residential products that span the entire range of tiling projects!

Barter Family $500
(Hale Barter & Kay Nelson, Legacy CT parents and CTAP Board Alums)
Kay & Hale are among the several founding creators of our fledging youth athletics non-profit organization, to whom we owe our existence. Thank you Kay & Hale!

Deconcini, McDonald, Yetwin & Lacy, PC $500
(Thanks to Lisa Anne Smith, CT Parent and Michael Urman, Kay Nelson, Legacy CT parents)
One of our oldest sponsors and families of Marlins supporters. A full-service legal solutions company, deeply rooted in Arizona’s history and development.

Certified Public Accountants $500.00
(Thanks to Guinn & Nate Kappler for this connection)
Full-service accounting, planning, tax and advisory management firm, for businesses of all sizes and scales. Thank you for your support!

Lacher Hydrological Consulting $500
(Thanks to Laurel Lacher, CT Parent)
Specializing in groundwater-surface water interactions in Arizona and throughout the southwest. Laurel at LinkedIn!

Postnet at Campbell & Glenn
(Thanks to Connie Daih, owner)
Fabulous & rapid local printing & mailbox services. Connie provided free printing of many CT Marlins print projects and discounted production of others, an enormous difference in our annual bottom line. If you or anyone you know can help us in the print world, you could be listed here!
Sadly, it appears PostNet Campbell did not survive the spring of the 2020 Pandemic. Connie, if you’re out there, we have truly appreciated your support and relationship over all these years. It made a tremendous difference to the Marlins Swim Team and CTAP organization. Thank you, and we wish you the best in the future.

Ray Water Company, Inc. $500
Another of our oldest CTAP sponsors and CT Marlins Swim Team Families! Thank you Rhonda and Joe!
(Thanks Rhonda & Joe Rosenbaum, CT Parents)

Tofel Dent Construction $500
One of Tucson’s oldest & succesful construction firms with a wide variety of commercial and residential project throughout the regional southwest.
(Thanks to Jim Tofel, CT parent)

Waterfall Attorneys $500
(Thanks to Kasey Nye, Legacy CT Parent!)
A full service law firm providing quality Bankruptcy, Creditors Rights, Family Law, Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Tax, Probate, Business, Civil Litigation and Personal Injury representation in Southern Arizona since 1969. We know Tucson. We are Tucson.™

Anonymous Family Donation $500
(An anonymous CT parent)
We have the greatest families—Thank you!

BUOY – $250 & Up

The Gloo Factory $250
(Thanks to Dwight Metzger and his crew for our fantastic t-shirt support and masks!)
Tucson’s full-service print shop for a wide variety of textile and signage

La Estrella Bakery $250
(Thank you to CT Family Isabel and Manny Montaño, co-owners and operators of La Estrella Bakery!)
Two locations! 5266 S. 12th Ave and in Mercado San Agustin at 100 S. Avenida Del Convento

Soniqualia Studios – Excellence in Audio $250
(Thank you to CT Parent James Slanger!)

WAVE – $100 & Up

Anna Marie Delgado, Long Realty $100
Realty services throughout the Tucson Valley, one of the wisest, knowledgeable and kindest personable realtors you’re likely to meet!
(Thanks to Anna Marie & Joe Delgado, long-time CT Marlins Family)

Beyond Bread $100
(Thanks to Randie & Shelby Collier, Owners)
Long-time Tucson original full-service bakery, dining and carry out restaurant, locations throughout Tucson!

Champion Pool and Spa Supply $100
(Thanks to Dave Chandler, our pool rep)

Dynamic Duo Business Solutions $100
(Thanks to Emily Kline, CTAP Accountant for such great support and advice!)Accounting and business solutions catering to businesses large & small.

Jon Whittier Family $100
(Thanks to Jon & Eleanor Whittier, long-time Marlins family!)

Reindl Bingham Family $100
T-Shirt designs, signs, web & photographic services

In Kind

Ben’s Bells – Kind Swimmer Award
(Thanks to Jeannette Maré and Dean Packard, Legacy CT Parents)