Capital Campaign

Funding our Pool Renovation has completed!
Construction Winter 2016/2017


We have Reached our Pool Renovation
Capital Campaign Goal: $220,000




The CT Athletic Program and Swim Team provide a family oriented environment that promotes the development of youth character through a supportive and cohesive sporting community. We are building our swimmers health, self-confidence and character.


Our program has grown stronger with each decade for the past 55 years. We now have over 140 swimmers ages 4-18 swim 5 days a week from April through July on one of Tucson’s largest and most successful youth teams. The overall development of our swimmers and the lifelong friendships that they make at CT are as important to our program as improving stroke technique, endurance and speed.


The Catalina Terrace Capital Campaign goal was to raise $220,000 for the pool renovation. After 55 years of use, our pool needs a complete renovation. We successfully navigated a multi-year process with Pima County that culminated in their approval of our pool renovation design. The final pool design is complete, we put out 3 bids from pool contractors and selected Creative Pools as our general renovation pool builder. We have official approval from Pima County, and have pulled the permits to begin construction in November. This campaign has ensured future generations the opportunity to be a part of this program.

Catalina Terrace provides a safe and healthy way for kids and families to enjoy the Tucson summer. On any given Tuesday or Thursday night from May-July, up to 400 enthusiastic parents, extended family and friends are cheering on up to 250 swimmers representing two or three Tucson swim teams. The meets are a chance for the swimmers to work toward their individual and team goals, support each other’s accomplishments and spend time with family and friends in a community oriented environment.


• Incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2009.
• One hundred and forty kids, ages 4-18, plus long wait list
• Swimming five days a week, from mid-April through mid-July.
• All volunteer-run organization; only coaches, lifeguards, and pool maintenance employees


• Pool plaster is crumbling
• Pool plumbing is leaking
• Pool Filter system completely invaded by roots
• Pool electrical system needs to be replaced; lights are inadequate


• Marlins’ Swim Team Participants: Full and partial scholarships for swimmers in need of assistance.

Location and Contact

The Catalina Terrace Capital Campaign is located at 2440 E Hedrick Dr, Tucson, AZ, 85719. Our mailing address is PO Box 40692, Tucson, AZ 85717. Also, feel free to contact us at our contact page here.



We continue to encourage
donations to support the
Catalina Terrace Facility!



We appreciate everyone’s contributions.

—CTAP Board of Directors and the CTAP Capital Committee


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