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The Catalina Terrace Pool
is now open

CT is will be open for member use and the
CT Marlins Swim Team 
Summer 2023

Catalina Terrace successfully managed the CT Marlins Swim Team Summer 2020 and 2021, and is in progress to have the Marlins return to regular swim Summer 2022. We recognize there is a potential hazard still with premature elimination of restrictions, and the possibility of virus variants. Summer 2022 saw CT return to regular operations as we had managed before the pandemic began. Memberships are available to the facility for those looking to expand from regular swim team practice and enjoy the pool on their own schedule.

Below is an archive copy of our 2020 & 2021 COVID 19 operating processes

Though we are operating the pool with periods of open swim just as in the past, we are also operating under modified policies during 2021, restricting the population limits in the facility and in the water as we did in 2020. When at Catalina Terrace, please observe the following:

  • UPDATE May 20, 2021: As per rapid changes in CDC, Pima County and City of Tucson face covering policies, masks are now optional for use on the CT Grounds. CDC Guidance states those who are fully vaccinated do not require masks in nearly all conditions; those who choose to wear masks for whatever reason certainly are welcome and we encourage your health and well-being.
  • Currently our changing rooms are still closed for showers, personal storage, and changing. Use is restricted to essential use of the bathrooms only, and one-at-a-time (children with parents excluded). Masks are strongly encouraged. No showering. We hope to install outdoor showers at some point for rinsing.
  • The Catalina Terrace Pool Facility is currently limited to 50 total members and guests in the pool side of the facility, and no more than 20 of those in the pool at one time.
  • Please limit your total group size to no more than ten individuals within one family or self-isolating group. Multiple groups can be in the facility, but please be respectful of other’s self-isolating boundaries, typically six feet or more of space.
  • Masks are no longer required on property. You may see our guards wearing masks at various point while guarding the pool for their own reasons. Please be respectful of our guards’ safety and health, and maintain distance if you need to chat.
  • Our guards are instructed to enforce our rules for everyone’s safety. Please be respectful of their position and responsible to their instruction. We stand behind our guards’ decisions.
  • Group locations for congregating are under the south ramada, north ramada and north lawn. We ask that a maximum of ten people in a group in these locations; if multiple groups occur, we believe people know how to keep their safe distances. The east deck for single or duo-lane swimmers is convenient. Please do not “camp” on the west deck, as it is a transit area and guard location.
  • The children’s wading pool must be used by one family/isolating group at a time.
  • Tennis is reserved for self-isolating families/groups.
  • Be respectful in and out of the water, maintaining six or more feet from those who are not in your own group, particularly if you are unvaccinated.

Finally, if you have been enjoying the pool for several hours, and notice that the pool population is at or near the limits, please consider curtailing your time and returning another day, to share the resource with other members.

Every page of this website may become dated as the pandemic progresses; guidance in spring/summer 2021 seems to be changing quickly, but we’re slowly working on keeping them updated. Documents related to our modified operating procedures will be updated here. As always with these unusual conditions, procedures and protections are subject to change or further modification. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all navigate through this. Our lifeguards’ attention and crucial mission to safeguard swimming is paramount, and any conflict resulting in distraction from this process will be found in favor of the guard. Thank you for your support of our guards! 

The mission of CT Athletic Program and the Marlins Swim Team over its 60-year existence is one of health, safety & well-being amongst its community and the greater Tucson region. To that end we continue to assess our season schedule, reevaluate related events and are considering alternatives in light of the continuing covid-19 threat. We do this with guidance from our organizing league SAAA, the Pima County Health Department, and of course all governmental agencies and authorities we answer to. We also answer to you, our community—keep an eye out on your team and membership email for more specific updates and plans of action. Follow us at the social links (above-right on the main Desktop page) to follow the meanderings of @billthemarlin. Thank you for your spirit, your patience & understanding, your unflappable support, that fabulous Marlin fortitude, and we hope to see you all soon in sparkling waters!
Go Marlins!

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