Swim Team

The Catalina Terrace Marlins

Catalina Terrace has hosted the Marlins Swim Team, an SAAA summer-league team, from its inception in 1961 as a classic, mid-century neighborhood pool to today, entering our 60th year of continuous swimming in 2021.

Summer 2020 brought numerous changes to our operations and swim team. Practices and schedules were different to maintain distance and separation in the water and on deck. We expect swim meets summer 2022 to return to near-normal, but we may still be one of the few pools in town who can host meets. Other teams may be traveling only, and will come to us. We may to host up to six meets this summer, up from our typical five meets, but less than our standard ten meets in all.

Kids’ fitness and wellbeing is our primary mission here at CT, but we’re also tuned to their social and down-time needs, and recognize how important swim meets and special nights at the pool fill those needs. We’re working on solutions, and open to any suggestions. Contact us!

Visit our Practice Schedule for information on workouts during the school year and summer. Our Swim Meet Schedule has dates and links for our regular meets and SAAA invitationals, as well as the SAAA Championship schedule and updates for summer 2021. Meet our coaches and find their contact info at our Coach’s page. Current Swim Records tabulates swimmer’s time records through the years. New to the Marlins? Or to Catalina Terrace in general? Find many answers to your questions in our CT Member-Parent Handbook! Finally, information on the care & feeding of your swimmer, along with some SAAA rules and the Marlin Buddies can be found here.