Highland Vista Directions

The Highland Vista Neighborhood Pool Association, home of the Highland Vista Wahoos.

Highland Vista Pool is about an twenty minutes from Catalina Terrace, in Highland Vista Park, in the center of Highland Vista Neighborhood, within the 5th & Rosemont to Broadway & Craycroft intersections.


  1. Travel to 5th St. & Craycroft
  2. South on Craycroft to 7th Street
  3. Turn left onto 7th Street. The address is listed on N. Woodland Vista, but continue past to N. Cloverland Ave.
  4. Turn left onto Cloverland. The parking lot is on the left. It’s larger than Catalina Terrace, but still small. Parking is along neighborhood streets. Don’t block driveways! Always happens…
  5. Access to the neighborhood is also off Rosemont, south from 5th Street
  6. Enter at E. Alberta Drive (7th St. does not intersect Rosemont)
  7. Alberta curves south (right). Follow Alberta to Cloverland, or turn left at 7th or 8th
  8. Follow these streets to the park