Marana High School Directions

The Wade McLean Pima County Public Pool at Marana High School.

This pool is about an hour from Catalina Terrace, particularly in late afternoon traffic. Car Pool! Pack a Lunch! It’s located on the northwest side of the Tucson Mountains.


  1. Take I-10 north out of Tucson (From Central Tucson, CT Pool, River Road to Orange Grove is a good route.)
  2. Exit 244 to Twin Peaks Road exit
  3. Turn left onto West Twin Peaks Rd. Follow West Twin Peaks until it Ts off at Silverbell
  4. Turn right onto North Silverbell Rd then continue immediately left onto West Twin Peaks Rd
  5. Drive west a LONG time. Enjoy the afternoon
  6. Turn left onto North Sandario Rd
  7. Take the 1st right onto West Emigh Rd
  8. Continue west just past Marana High School. Wade McLean Pool is on the right