Meet the Coaches—2022 Swim Season

Pandemic conditions starting in Summer 2020 saw our coaching staff anchored to our roots and running leaner than years past. Years 2021 and 2022 we are remaining lean but effective. Our coaches are from our very own Marlin schools of super-fast swimmers and have so much to return to future Marlins coming up in our shoals. As always, please contact the board or coaches with any questions or observations for us to consider. Thank you for your support!

Head Coach Natalie Nye

Natalie Nye comes from a long line of Marlin swimmers and started her career well before the usual six-year-old range that many start at, following her older siblings and swimming through to her senior year at 18. Natalie has worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor at Catalina Terrace for many years, and joined our coaching staff last year to learn team management and coaching operations. Natalie has coached year-round swimming as Southwest Aquatic Sports. This year she now continues her Marlins’ growth as head coach with her typical dedication and hard work, imparting her life-long knowledge and passion to our current crop of Marlins while refining on her coaching skills and swim team management. Thank you Natalie!

Natalie Nye
Phone: (520) 260-3845‬



Head Coach Devin Price

Devin Price is a lifelong Tucsonan, grew up in the SAAA system, and swam for Palo Verde High School. Devin obtained his first Water Safety Instructor in 1986, and has been teaching for various entities ever since, including: Jim Mance, Ott YMCA, Arizona Gold, and El Dorado. Many swim coaches owe their first instruction in swimming as children to Coach Devin! In 2009, Devin started coaching summers at Catalina Terrace. In January, 2011, Devin started coaching year-round at Ford Aquatics, a position running eight years. Devin has coached over four years with the National Paralympics team. 2022 is Devin’s 15th year at Catalina Terrace, and his second year in our head coach position! Despite his heritage in coaching, Devin always keeps current in modern swim technicals and workout practice, and even fosters along our younger coaches. As in every year, Devin is looking forward to working with our Marlin swimmers and their families. He is the life-long keeper of Coach Devin’s Rules. Please feel free to contact him at any time. Thank you Devin!

Devin Price
Phone: 520-250-3786



Assistant Coach Zane Olson

Zane Olson is likewise one in a long line of family Marlins swimmers, starting before he turned six, graduating to lifeguard and pool maintenance and now coaching—there is barely a topic or part of the pool Zane has not touched in his career at CT! Zane’s excited to be coaching! He is returning to youth swimming all the lessons he learned while becoming one of our all-time major powerhouse swimmers before he graduated in 2020! You should see his dive! Thank you Zane!

Zane Olson
Phone: (520) 309-6379‬


8 & Under Volunteer Assistant Coaches

Hi! I’m Bill the Marlin! Holding this place until our coaches are ready for the season!


Over the years many of our more senior swimmers volunteer with our regular coaching staff to work with and keep safe the youngest of our new Marlins swimmers. Stay tuned while we work on more updates to our coaches page!


Coach Devin's got his eyes on you…

Go Marlins!