CT Marlins’ Swim Team Records Archive


CT Swim Records

The team swim records exist from the 2000-2009 seasons and 2010 to the present and do not reflect any of the prior seasons.  Unfortunately no earlier records are yet locatable.  As the season progresses, use this page to record your own swimmers times so he or she can keep track.  This is a great motivational tool.  Special Note:  if your swimmer broke any of these records in the 2009 season, please come forward with their ribbons or other document of their times and we will be able to update next year’s chart.

SAAA has done a great job of keeping track of record performances over the years.  For our alumni and current swimmers, we are working here to maintain copies of these records.

SAAA 2000–2009 Swim Records

SAAA 2010 Swim Records

SAAA 2011 Swim Records

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