Meets, Championships, Invitationals

Swim meet functions for summer 2023 will be a mix of home and away meets. Some teams may still not be able to host swim meets, as tenant teams to their host pool. They will be traveling away teams. As CT owns our own pool, we can host our swim meets.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PARKING: We are graciously afforded some parking space at the Northminster Presbyterian Church across the street from our pool. Please be respectful of this gift, and park south of the orange cones, closer to Hedrick Street. We need to leave the north most spaces free for the church to use for their events. Park only toward the south side of their parking lot! We need to be good neighbors, and not overuse their resource. Thank you!


CT Marlins Team Swim Suits!
Champion Pool & Spa Supply is our official supplier of our famous Red & Blue Competition Team Suit! Choose this suit for swim meets, invitationals and championships, and wear another athletic suit for practices, where the suit really takes a beating. Order from their web store if you already know your sizes, or look for Champion’s on-deck pop-up tent shop during practice this spring! Details in email to come.


Visit our Away Meet Locations page for the map locations of away meet pools

The Marlins’ 2023 Meet Schedule.

We are swimming in the Cañada del Oro league in the SAAA Summer Swim Leagues.

Though we swim against teams across different leagues during the season, we only swim against the same league teams within our league at Championships

NOTE Practices occur daily as reflected on the practice schedule, and the pool is closed for recreational use during those times, even on meet days. For home swim meets, the pool will be closed for recreational use beginning at around 4:30pm or so; for away meets, the pool is open for recreational use and guarded into the evening.

Our swim meet schedule is in-progress in the SAAA league meetings. Once we have that fixed, it will be updated. Typically, we have five home meets, and five away meets, almost all of them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We often have one Friday evening meet at the Marana High School Pool. At the moment you’ll see 14 entries; but that’ll get trimmed to around ten once the schedule is set.

For Every swim meet:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before warm-ups!
  • Warms-ups for home meets are at 5pm
  • Warm-ups for away meets are at 5:30 (but no away meets summer 2021)
  • Meets start at 6pm sharp!


May 30 2023 (Tues): TBA

June 2 2023 (FRIDAY): TBA (PhotoDay that morning)

June 6 2023 (Tues): TBA

June 8 2023 (Thurs): TBA

June 13 2023 (Tues): TBA

June 15 2023 (Thurs): TBA

June 20 2023 (Tues): TBA

June 22 2023 (Thurs): TBA

June 27 2023 (Tues): TBA

June 29 2023 (Thurs): TBA

July 2023 (TBA): Championships!

2023 SAAA Invitationals

Invitationals for 2023 are still being worked out. They will be spread over different days, divided by age groups. Stay tuned for further updates on this program. Stay up with team emails for the latest news!

Invitationals for 2022 were on two different days Saturdays, a change from the past when invitations were on three Saturday half-days in three different components. The location likewise moved that year from Amphi Pool to the Oro Valley Aquatics Center. The schedule looked like this:

  • June 11 2022(Sat):           9-18 Invitational
  • June 18 2022 (Sat):           8&Under Muppet Meet

2023 SAAA Championships

Championships were moved to the Oro Valley Aquatic Center in 2022. The 2023 Championships are currently being worked out. The 2022 schedule looked like this:

  • July 10th 2022 (Sun night):         Pre-Championships Pasta Dinner (CT Pool)
  • July 11–12 2022 (Mon & Tues):        Championships (Oro Valley Pool)
  • July 12th 2022 (Tues):        Post-Champs Pizza!
  • July 16th 2022 (Sat 5pm):         End-of-Season Celebration! People will get wet.


  • Registration Day 1 (Sat): March 11
  • Registration Day 2 (Sat): March 25
  • Mandatory Workday (Sat): April 1
  • Parent Meeting (Mon): April TBA Evening post-practice 1/2hr
  • Parent Meeting (Tues): April TBA Evening post-practice 1/2hr
  • Annual Facility Member Key Exch. (Sat): May 6
  • Movie-Nite/Potluck (Sat): May 6
  • Mock Meet (Tues): May 16
  • Team Pictures—PHOTODAY! (Fri): June 2, 7:45am! Team Photo Followed by individual photos. No team practice this day.
  • Swim-a-thon (Sat): June 24th
  • Pre-Championships Pasta Dinner (Day TBA): July date TBA
  • Post-Championships @ Peter Piper Pizza July Right After Champs Finals!
  • End-of-Season Celebration & Awards Night July Evening following Finals!