The 2021 8th Annual Marlins’ Swim-a-Thon!

The CT Marlins are building to this year’s Swim-A-Thon! Bill the Marlin cannot overstate how important this fundraising event is to the team and facility. We’re open to suggestions including variations of a virtual Swim-A-Thon (swim from your living room on Zoom!) or laps counted in small swimming groups over various weekends. Join in! See how we can adapt a run in the sun in the water for This Modern World!

Saturday, June 5th, 2021

Our 8th Annual Swim-A-Thon will be a great event! Though smaller still due to the pandemic, we hope for great turnout under a mild morning in perfect Tucson weather—not too hot, still sunny & warm!

A main goal for this year’s Swim-A-Thon is rebuilding our capital improvements fund, after the events of this past year. Previous projects accomplished is the renovation of our bathroom hot water and plumbing, clearing of major eucalyptus . Have suggestions or changes you’d like to see? Contact our board!

Miss the official Swim-a-Thon? No problem! Create your own swim-a-thon with you friends and family, or record one of your workout days for pledges. Or maybe you’ve filled your first pledge sheet and need a new pledge sheet? Download a June 5, 2021 Swim-A-Thon Pledge Form for swimmers right here!

Either way, if you’ve completed a swim or planning a swim, get your pledges collected soon and turned into a board member for recording. We’ve several prizes for completion of pledge forms, and during a home meet soon we’ll announce the results.

Round up your neighbors, friends & family for pledges, and help support your team & pool! The first three Swim-A-Thon events were instrumental in raising awareness and much needed funds for renovating our pool. Our Swim-A-Thon is now moving to sustain funding for repairs and upgrades to our pool house guest facilities and ultimately our Tennis program, and the goal achieved with this pool shows us what we can do for the rest of our facility and community. Thank you!

Download the 2021 Swim-a-Thon Support Letter here!

Way to go Marlins!!!!

Our 2019 Swim-a-Thon Poster:

We have had many sponsors over the years for helping to support our kids and Swim-A-Thon efforts! Except for eegees and Beyond Bread, sponsorship was largely absent in 2021 due to the pandemic. But we love these founding sponsors that have been with us from the very first Swim-A-Thon in 2014.

The Loft Cinema, Tucson’s premier art house cinema for over forty years!
eegee’s restaruants—Tucson home-grown.
Bookmans Entertainment Exchange! Tucson born & (b)read!
Beyond Bread Bakery & Café—More Tucson Bread!

Please consider supporting our local sponsors as they have supported us over these years!