Parties At CT

Summer 2023: Party Scheduling

Be sure to check our CT Calendar page to learn about availability before scheduling

Party reservations are now open and necessary to ensure proper staffing of lifeguards. Find our entire party policy at this PDF.

PARTIESAny gathering or loosely coordinated group of pool users of 25 or more people constitutes a party, and must be reserved with CTAP—regardless of whether such group comprises multiple separate memberships. We are requiring party scheduling essentially to help ensure pool availability to all membership, adequate lifeguards on duty, and fairness to all to be able to host a party.

Annual and Summer Family Members may schedule parties. The family that schedules the party is the “Member Host”. The Host MUST be present for the entire party, and will be the point of contact for lifeguards and scheduling and any other issues regarding the party. The Host is responsible for all set-up, clean-up and safety during their party. Please notify party planner so it can be added to the party calendar.

Lifeguards have the responsibility to ensure a safe environment for everyone at the pool, and must not be distracted from this duty. They are not provided for set-up or clean-up. If the number of people in the pool is beyond what the lifeguard on duty considers safe they will ask the members for cooperation in staggering pool usage or helping to watch kids in the pool. If any conflict with a guest and lifeguard should occur, that conflict must be managed by the host, not the lifeguard; the lifeguard will direct all disputes and concerns to the Member Host during the party, and report significant events to the CT Board. There can be no quarrels with the lifeguards. Please remember that pool membership is a collective responsibility for safety and maintenance of the pool, and the board always stands with the lifeguard.

Summer 2023 CT party reservation process:

  • Only Family Members (summer & annual) are allowed to schedule and host parties.
  • Parties up to 25 require one lifeguard if outside regular guarded hours.
  • Minimum three hours per party, including set-up and clean-up.
    • Guard is present for this minimum three hours
  • Two lifeguards will be scheduled for 26 or more people, and guards will be added in increments of 25 people.
  • $25/hr per guard, for a minimum of three hours
  • A minimum $75 fee is required for all parties to reserve your space and guard. Checks are made out to CTAP and note “swim party” in the memo line
  • The party host reserves one of the two ramada/grill pairs at the pool for their use—north or south.
    • Note: the wading pool at the north ramada should still be accessible to other members.
  • All parties are pack-in/pack-out all your material, and ensure your site is cleaned before leaving. Please be mindful of your impact on the pool environment, and how you can use this as a teaching moment for kids. We’re working hard to keep the pool clean. We do not clean up after parties.

To schedule your party please email with the following information:

  • Date
  • Time of day: from and to (minimum three hours)
  • Responsible Member Family name booking the party (the Member Host)
  • Number of attendees & number of non-member guests (ballpark is good)
  • Ramada/Grill combo (North or South)

Johanna Moyer is our volunteer party coordinator and party scheduler. Please contact her at (520) 429-8476 or to schedule your party. Our CT party calendar is available at our calendar page. There you can see if a party is already scheduled for the ramada and time your interested in.

The past few years have seen a number of large groups gathering at once at the pool. We’re working to alleviate the pressure on guards with impromptu groups appearing, and ease the scheduling of large groups that want to enjoy the pool together. Scheduling a party is crucial to help with this. PLEASE REFRAIN from coming unannounced in large groups. The strain on our guards is very great.

If one lifeguard is present, we seek to keep no more than 25 people in the water at once for safety, and the diving board may be closed if the scene is chaotic for the guard. Your lifeguard will notify you to help watch children in the water if there are a lot of swimmers and the scene is chaotic. If two guards are present, more swimmers may be allowed in the water, and the board may be provisionally opened.