Super Volunteers 2020

Summer 2020:

Is the pool a lifesaver for you this summer?

Be a lifesaver to the pool! Volunteer!!

CTAP is an all-volunteer managed program. We pay our coaches and guards, and a small cleaning crew. Everything else is community volunteerism.

In a normal year we require volunteer duty at three home swim meets from all families on swim team. In 2020, due to the pandemic, we will not have traditional meets this summer, however we still need volunteers. We have some fantastic parents that just need more of that CT experience. They offer to do volunteer work above and beyond that basic call of duty. In normal years, volunteers in these positions do not need to sign up for three home meet positions.

Our 2020 CT Super Volunteers are:

Volunteer Coordinator: Jon Whittier

T-Shirt Coordinator, Towel & Trophy Coordinator: Bridget Barber

Swim-a-thon Coordinator: 

Historian and Web page Coordinator: Bob Bingham

Social Media: Bill the Marlin

SAAA Team Liaison – Fred Edquid

PA Announcer: Chip Stratton

**In a normal year we have several social functions for the team and for the broader community. Likewise we have many swim meet-specific jobs.  But 2020 is not a normal year…. The following jobs apply to standard summer swim team schedules.**

Party Coordinator: 

These volunteers will coordinate the following parties/events:

Potluck and Movie party: 
Progressive age-group party: 
Spaghetti Dinner Before Championships: 
Year End Party: 

Swim Meet Starter: 

Snack Bar Coordinator #1: Ash Trudinger-Smith
Snack Bar Coordinator #2: Isabelle Montaño
Snack Bar Coordinator #3 –
Snack Bar Coordinator #4 –

Meet Manager Computer Entry #1: 
Meet Manager Computer Entry #2: 

Stroke & Turn Officials:

S&T #1 –
S&T #2 –
S&T #3 –

8&Under HOME MEETS Roundup #1 (Does all 5 home meets) –
8&Under HOME MEETS Roundup #2 (Does all 5 home meets) –

8&Under AWAY MEETS Roundup #3 (Does all 5 away meets) –
8&Under AWAY MEETS Roundup #4 ((Does all 5 away meets) –